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Single source accountability from engineering to installation and beyond
Welcome to the cryogenic piping systems section of our site.  STAR Products designs, manufactures, installs and services transfer systems for cryogenic fluids including liquid oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, helium and other common cryogenic fluids.

Single sourcing your complete cryogenic pipe system from STAR is the best way to ensure that your vacuum insulated pipe system meets all of your requirements from initial start up through years of service.  You can rest assured that your system will perform as promised — that is our guarantee.  It is STAR knowledge, experience, commitment to quality and our reputation that goes with every pipe system we deliver.  Our piping system experience includes liquid oxygen, liquid hydrogen, liquid nitrogen, liquid carbon dioxide, liquid helium and other common cryogenic fluids.

Tell us what you want your system to do for you and we will do the rest.  Our engineers are well schooled in the characteristics and behavior of cryogenic fluids under various temperature, pressure and flow conditions.  We will design a cryogenic distribution piping system that meets all your current needs, provides you with the capacity to grow and add equipment in the future if that is part of your long-term plan, improves your operation's efficiency in cryogenic fluid handling, minimizes your overall maintenance and maximizes your return on investment.

When you buy a cryogenic piping system from STAR we will start with the following:
  • Needs Assessment for your system
  • System performance projections:
    • Heat Leak Analysis
    • Break Even Analysis
    • Long Term Financial Analysis
    • Cash Flow Analysis
    • Other details useful to plant operating personnel to assess the economic impact of the system
  • Create an engineering layout of the proposed system for your approval
    • Pipe size selection
    • Component analysis

Brazing flexible VJP
The fabrication and assembly of every cryogenic pipe system is performed at state-of-the-art facility. Our lean manufacturing operation has been designed to ensure high quality piping products that provide our customers a long service life. Every vacuum jacketed piping section is leak checked before shipment and backed by an industry-leading warranty.

  • Storage of Cryogenic Fluids Whatever your cryogenic fluid storage requirements, STAR can accommodate your needs with a cryogenic tank sized appropriately for your operation. If you already have a bulk storage tank in good working order and of sufficient size STAR can design a high-efficiency vacuum jacketed piping system using your existing cryogenic liquid storage equipment.
  • Transfer of Cryogenic Fluids STAR OFFERS rigid vacuum jacketed pipe in various sizes up to 4" inside diameter, bendable vacuum jacketed pipe in various sizes up to 2" inside diameter, and flexible vacuum jacketed hoses up 1" inside diameter.  Larger sizes are available on special order.  Learn more about our vacuum jacketed pipe and hose products.
  • Control of Cryogenic Fluids Optimum performance is the hallmark of every STAR liquid nitrogen system. STAR has successfully married cryogenic transfer and storage hardware with state of the art electronic controls including phase separators, optimizers and valves designed by our engineers to make our systems user friendly and to consistently deliver maximum performance.


Installing vacuum jacketed pipe
The installation of all STAR systems is performed either by our own installation personnel or a STAR installer. In either case you are assured that your cryogenic fluid system is backed by industry-leading warranties and follow-up service. We use primarily pre-manufactured and tested pipe sections from our inventory to build most systems in order to expedite delivery and ensure consistent quality. Accurate up-front on-site measurements ensure that all sections and components will fit properly and perform as expected. Our crews are experienced and efficient in installing both liquid and gaseous cryogenic distribution systems, which saves you time and money on larger, more complex systems. Close coordination with our customers and careful pre-installation planning and scheduling minimizes interference with your facility's normal operation.

Everything we install we service. If, for any reason, something isn't quite right, STAR will correct the situation to your satisfaction. That is our guarantee.


STAR stands 100% behind all our systems.  If we designed it, manufactured and installed it, we will service it.  If our name is on your equipment, simply pick up the phone and call us and we will handle any issue to a satisfactory conclusion for you.  Service is not an add-on, it is part and parcel of what STAR stands for.  As long as you are using our systems and components we will respond to your call for service.  That is our guarantee.

Piping Projects for use of industrial gases in various industries.

We have a professional team of technicians to execute copper/SS pipe line laying projects having capacity to work under any condition in most economical & practical way. A talented team of service engineers to install and provide efficient after sales service to our clients, supports them. We ensure that our products are fitted with complete accuracy and satisfies our customers. We are there to answer and solve any type of queries arising at any point of time.