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Nitrogen Services to Industry

Nitrogen is a safe, economic alternative for your product displacement, drying to dew point, pressure testing, and inerting requirements. Pipeline maintenance, product change out or inventory displacement can be conducted safely and economically with STAR .’ STAR group through the use of high-pressure, high-flow mobile pumping units.


Product Displacement

Pressurized nitrogen for small and large line displacements has become popular due to its relatively low cost, improved safety and more positive environmental impact over other displacement options. STAR’ systems are specifically designed to perform while maintaining tight schedules and minimizing gas consumption and cost.


System Integrity Testing

Nitrogen is a convenient, economic alternative to water or other pressure-testing source. The use of pneumatic testing eliminates the need for subsequent drying prior to start up, typical for hydrostatic testing.


Pressures can be provided AS PER THE CUSTOMER REQUIRMENT. Our pumping units are equipped with over pressurization shut down devices and thermal relief safety valves to ensure continuous safe operation.

Drying and Inerting

Many pipelines must be dried or inerted on initial construction, during routine maintenance and on product changeover to ensure product integrity and minimize corrosion. High flow rate hot nitrogen supplied by STAR, can reduce drying time and final dew point levels by as much as 50-70% over other media. STAR maintains moisture levels in our nitrogen at a maximum of 2-ppm water, with typical levels less than 1ppm.



Using pressured nitrogen we can drive pigs along pipelines for cleaning, gauging or inspection. This helps to maintain product purity and makes operations like methanol swabbing safer.


Why STAR Services?

The STAR team has a unique position in the industry. With over 17 years’ experience in nitrogen-related services, not only can it offer a wide range of nitrogen pressure and temperature supply options.


24 Hour Call-out Service

STAR offers an emergency nitrogen service. Its staff is available on call 24 hours a day and their knowledge and experience in dealing in various chemical and process industry applications enables them to mobilize the right equipment, labour and product supplies at very short notice.